United Way of Wyandotte County
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About us

United Way of Wyandotte County is a locally run nonprofit that raises funds and provides programming in three main impact areas in Wyandotte County:  


Health   Education   Financial Stability
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Annual workplace campaigns, grants, and other revenue sources currently support over 50 programs provided by United Way and its 34 partner agencies.

Our mission: To increase the community’s understanding of human needs and to mobilize resources to meet those needs.


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Other frequently asked questions:

How do you choose what areas you work in, or what programs to fund?

Every three years community volunteers determine needs in Wyandotte County and recommend funding based on program quality, agency capacity, and how well the program services align with the goals in our Community Impact Plan.
United Way is currently in our 2018-2021 funding cycle, and supports 47 programs run by United Way and its 33 partner agencies (social service nonprofits) providing direct services in Wyandotte County. Funded partner agencies are required to annually submit financial statements and outcomes reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs and compliance with the United Way standards of excellence.

Where does your financial support come from?

Community members just like you! However, United Way is most known for our local annual workplace campaigns. These campaigns provide 64% of funding for the programs we support. Other funding sources include government grants, corporate partnerships, and special events.

So you fund local programs, but do you also administer any programs?

Yes, we administer five different programs. Click below to check them out:


Have you always been a United Way?

United Way of Wyandotte County was founded in 1921 as the Community Chest of Kansas City, KS in order to support critical human need in the community. In 1958 the Community Chest merged with the Planning Council and became the United Community Fund & Council. The United Way of Wyandotte County was chartered in 1973 and is one of two chartered United Way associations in the Kansas City Metro Area. It is now one of nearly 1,800 community-based United Way associations across the world and is governed by an independent local board of 36 local community leaders and volunteers. 


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United Way of Wyandotte County aspires to understanding and respect among all cultures and individuals who live and work in our community. We are committed to drawing strength from our differences and building our similarities. Click here to see our full diversity policy.