United Way Certification

In order to apply for United Way of Wyandotte County (UWWC) funding you must be certified with the United Way.Click here to download the United Way Agency Certification packet. For more information email Rebecca Nishanian at or call (913) 371-3674, ext. 1322.

Agency Partner Funding

UWWC funding is allocated every three years. Currently we are in the 2014-2017 cycle.  To see completed allocations for 2014-2017 click here. Applications for the next cycle, 2018-2019, will be made available in 2017. To be included in a list to be notified of upcoming allocations funding email Rebecca Nishanian at or call (913) 371-3674, ext. 1322.

Allocations Process:

In order to apply for funding you must be certified with the United Way (see more information at the top of this page). Every three years agencies submit applications for the next three year cycle of funding.

The UWWC Allocation Team is made up of board members and community volunteers who review program applications and conduct on-site visits and interviews. Following the team’s recommendations, the executive committee and then the UWWC Board of Directors will decide which community programs will be funded and how much funding each program will receive.

Programs chosen for funding must focus on at least one area of the UWWC Community Impact Plan which for 2014-2017 focuses on three areas: meeting basic needs, improving health and quality of life, and nurturing children and families (click here for more information on the Community Impact Plan for 2014-2017). The three-year funding cycle allows partner programs to make long-term plans to achieve their goals and outcomes. Each year funded programs provide outcome reports and show progress towards those goals to continue receiving UWWC funding.

To see a list of Agency Partners for the 2014-2017 cycle click here.

Emergency Assistance Funding

In addition to distributing funds raised by the annual UWWC campaign, UWWC also administers over $165,000 supplied by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Public Utilities and EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program) for emergency food, shelter, and utilities. For more information email Rebecca Nishanian at or call (913) 371-3674, ext. 1322.